R&M Property Management LLC 2016

Application Process

1. Get a paper copy of the application from us and return it with a check for the fee ($35), OR you can fill out the application and pay the fee online by following this link: We use the Texas Apartment Association Application, and we do run the information through Tenant Tracker. This allows us to check criminal history as well as some rental history. You will bring employment/payment verification to the appointment at the office. **Rent cannot be more than 35% of your monthly income. **You must have a stable employment history. This will be determined by management. **For contracted jobs, the contract will suffice in place of previous pay stubs. 2. Set up an appointment to run your credit with us at our office. We do this because we don’t actually look at the score. We look at all residentially related account histories. Also, if either you or we have any questions, we can discuss them together. You can contact us by phone at (806)559-8505, or you can send us an email at kelly@randmpropertymanagement.com. **Negative accounts will not necessarily immediately deny the application. **Credit qualification will be determined by management. 3. If all is approved, that’s it! If not, we do accept guarantors for the areas in which help is needed to qualify. For questions on the guarantor process, please contact us in person. Management uses all of the above criteria together to determine approval. Approval or denial of application is completely up to management. To secure a property, the deposit and your fully approved application process must be completed.

What you will need to bring to your

appointment at our office:

-Application (if not completed online) -Application fee (if not completed online) -Employment & Payment Verification       Examples: 6 months of pay stubs, employment contract, child support documentation, etc. -Current Driver’s License -Social Security Card -Pictures of pets (if applicable) and Rabies vaccination information
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