R&M Property Management LLC 2016


In what school

district are your


Currently, all of our properties are in Frenship School District. They are less than a block away from Willowbend Elementary. The middle school is Terra Vista.

Who takes care of the


There are sprinklers in all of the properties that are on a set schedule. Mowing and lawn upkeep are the responsibility of the tenant. Manager will check this periodically. If there are issues, the tenant will receive a written warning. If the warning is not complied with within one week, management will mow the yard at a $75 charge to the tenant.

What are the pet


We are a pet friendly company! Pets are welcome with deposits and restrictions. Cats and dogs under 50lbs require a $350 deposit each. Dogs over 50lbs (or under 1 year of age) require a $450 deposit each. We allow up to two pets. All pets must be registered with R&M. Tenants must be able to provide vet records as proof of pets being current on Rabies vaccination as well. We are flexible on the possibility of paying out the pet deposits over the first two months. These deposits are refundable depending on the condition of the house upon move-out.  

What bills do I have

to pay?

The tenant is responsible for all utilities. Our properties are all electric - no gas. The companies are: SPEC - electric LP&L -  water, sewer, & solid waste Our houses are wired for cable, but the service and payment is the responsibility of the tenant. See our Utility Company List.

What is the

application fee, and

is it refundable.

The application fee is $35 per applicant (anyone over 18 living in the home must be on the lease and fill out an application). It is non-refundable.

Am I required to get

renter’s insurance?

Yes, the tenant is required to obtain renter’s insurance with coverage no less than $100,000 per incident. The tenant may decide from which company he/she would like to purchase insurance.

When is rent due?

How do I pay it?

Rent is due at the first of the month. The fee for late rent will be $50 on the 5th and $10/day after that. Tenants can drop off or mail a check (made out to R&M Property Management) or money order, or set up an automatic payment for rent. We do not accept cash.

What are my

responsibilities as a

tenant on move-in

and move-out?

Please refer to the Move-In/Out packet you were given when signing your lease/signing your move-out notice. There is also a copy here. Call Management with questions.  

If something needs

to be repaired in my

home, what do I do?

If something needs repairs in the home, please fill out a work order and contact us by phone or email. If it is an emergency, by phone only! Below is a blank work order that you can print off for your use.

I have guests staying

with me. Do I need to

alert R&M?

If someone is staying with you for more than two weeks, please let us know. If they will be staying there indefinitely or throughout the remainder of the lease period, they need to fill out an application and go through the leasing process.

Who is responsible

for the alarm


All of our homes come with an alarm system pre-wired into the house. Tenants are required to keep the alarm activated for the duration of their lease. We do not mandate through which company service is obtained, but through research and experience, ProTech Audio in Lubbock is the least expensive and easiest to work with (they do not put you into a service contract either).
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